Join Mighty - a revolutionary entrepreneurship program for children 8 years and older. It's revolutionary because it is real. Welcome to the 21st Century lemonade stand!
Welcome to the 21st century lemonade stand!
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Mighty Together

Mighty CEOs are joining forces with charity : water to raise $10,000 to help provide clean water to communities all over the world. From Nov 22 to Dec 5, we will donate $5 for every product sold by a Mighty CEO. Get your child started today!


How Does Mighty Work?


Choose The Right Products For Your Business

Select products from our catalog of global artists and unique brands that share our values to sell on your online store. It's free to start your business and products ship directly from the brands to your customers. Checkout our Bestsellers!


Design Your Online Store

Customize your online store to reflect your unique style. Create an eye-catchy logo, pick a color palette and tons more customizations to offer your customers a one-of-a-kind experience!


Market to Your Community

Learn how to market your business to family and friends to make your first sale! From activating your allies to email marketing - become a pro at getting the word out.


Make A Profit

Use your profits to spend on a treat for yourself, save for something bigger, or donate to the cause of your choice, all while getting better at Math! We only make money when our CEOs do - we charge 10% of sales.


Keep Learning and Growing

Go on missions with other CEOs, level up, earn badges and be part of the world's smartest community of young CEOs. Building your business will become your favorite new game! Discover what aspects of business you're most passionate about and Mighty will help you up-level!

Get ready to have some fun!

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Be part of the Mighty community and help us supercharge the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Are You A Parent?

Curious how your child can be part of this incredible community? Check out our Parent Hub or complete the form below to talk to someone at Mighty!

Kids Love Mighty

"Mighty is a really good way to learn how to be an entrepreneur. It has taught me so much. And I am having so much fun running my own business!"
"Mighty is amazing for young entrepreneurs like me who want to make a difference, while making a profit. I get to choose products for my store from a list of high quality items from around the world. I can’t say enough good things, and recommend it to all my friends."

Parents Love Mighty

"Mighty is very intuitive and quick to set up, my 10 year old had his business up and running in an hour! Then he showed his little brother how to do it!"
"Mighty has been such a great learning experience for my son. It has taught him about all aspects of owning your own business. He now knows about Gross Revenue, Net Profit, Strategies for selecting and marketing products. This has provided him with a phenomenal foundation for his future in business."

Teachers Love Mighty

"Through Mighty, our students gain the access and confidence to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations. The experience of owning an online business has made them more aware of what it takes to become a thriving entrepreneur."

We Are On a Mission To Empower Your Child

Mighty is a Public Benefit Corporation backed by some of the world's leading investors who care about business as a force for good.