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Creative fundraisers that get students engaged and excited
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Sell products that students design

Invite students to design their own t-shirts and other products from the Mighty catalog to sell on your group’s website. When you make a sale, we'll print and ship the item to your customer for you-- no upfront costs, inventory, or shipping needed.
Different kinds of clothing and products with branding on them.

Build a custom fundraising website in minutes

Go live in 5 minutes or less with a website that reflects your brand, your story, and your goals. Accept secure payments with credit card, GPay, or Apple Pay on any device.

Earn more with in-person payments

Easily accept credit card and mobile payments for products or donations when at in-person events. Run your existing raffle ticket, cookie sale programs and more through your Mighty website to boost sales with more payment options.
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Start a free fundraiser for your school, team, or club
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What can I sell on Mighty?

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You can sell almost anything on Mighty! Our most popular option is selling print on demand merchandise (like t-shirts) that kids design. We support selling handmade items, pre-owned items, services, event tickets, and raffle tickets, You can also accept donations.

How much does it cost to use Mighty?

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It costs nothing to use Mighty. For a limited time, Mighty is also covering credit card processing costs and shipping costs of Print on Demand Merchandise. How do we do this? We’re a start-up and our primary goal is to help you succeed and learn together with you. In the future, we will charge a percentage fee on money raised.

How does print on demand work?

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Your students upload or create a design on Mighty and choose which products in our catalog they would like to add their design to. When a customer buys that product, we print the item and ship it to your customer for you. We then send you your profit on the sale. You can see all of the products in our catalog and their prices here. 

How can I use Mighty with my existing fundraisers?

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If you already run a fundraiser, you can sell the same items, or accept those donations, on Mighty. For example, if you sell chocolate or raffle tickets, you can list those items for sale on your Mighty fundraising page. This will enable you to easily sell those products online or in person and add new products to the mix.

How easy is Mighty for admin to use?

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Mighty is set up to make it easy for admin to engage their group. Admin will set up their fundraising website, let students know about the opportunity to participate, approve product listing submissions, and enter bank account information. Students take payments online and we send the money directly to your bank account. We also ship all items in our catalog to your customers so that you don’t need to deal with upfront payments, inventory, or shipping.

How do I market to customers/ donors?

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Share your website with your community and encourage students and parents to spread the word. You can also market at in-person events. Mighty does not market your website for you.

Creative ways groups use Mighty

Painted wall with words "Student Store"
Launch a store that's flexible and easy to run.
Vibrantly colored wall with text "Merch Store"
Fill your merch store with school and team apparel that kids and parents want to buy.
A rainbow of paint colors with text "Crowdsourced Fundraisers"
Invite every student to contribute something they make, have, or do for the most collaborative experience.
Colorful background with text "Art Fairs"
Fundraise by selling art created by students - both original art and prints on merchandise.
Colorful background with text "Product Fundraisers"
Raise more from your existing product fundraisers by selling through your Mighty site where you can add new products to the mix and take payments in person.
Colorful background with text "Scalable Club Fundraising"
Offer a fundraising solution to every club in the school with admin oversight and control.
Colorful background with text "Entrepreneurship Club"
Give your Entrepreneurship Club a tool to test new student enterprises as well as content, coaching, and community to help them grow.
Colorful background with text "Market Day"
Engage your community through an event where kids sell products they make.
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Types of groups that use Mighty

Colorful background with text "Schools"
Raise more from your existing peer to peer fundraising strategy by engaging kids in creating what they sell.
Colorful background with text "Sports Teams"
Give your fans team merch designed by the athletes on the team to raise money and build support.
Colorful background with text "Music Groups"
Bands use Mighty to raise money for trips, uniforms, and equipment by selling band merch, event tickets, and creative services.
Colorful background with text "Clubs"
Any club can raise money on Mighty to travel to competitions and grow with no limits to their creativity – bake sales, car washes, and more are all better on Mighty.
Colorful background with text "After School Programs"
Any afterschool program can pick a cause to raise money for together in creative ways as a group activity.
Colorful background with text "Arts Programs"
Arts programs can sell student artwork on their fundraising sites to raise money for new supplies.
Colorful background with text "Girl Scouts"
Girl Scout Troops can use Mighty to sell more cookies by collecting payments both online and in person. Take your entrepreneurship badge to the next level by selling your own products as well.
Colorful background with text "Religious Groups"
Youth groups at churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples can use Mighty to raise money for trips and causes they support.
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