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Design Products

You don't have to be a designer to create on Mighty, you just need your imagination! Make unlimited designs using our Creator Studio and we'll print those designs on any products you choose. Our easy-to-use tools allow you to change fonts, colors, backgrounds and more!

Burrito Dog Black T-Shirt, by Ivy - CEO of Ivy's Iconic Iterations
A1e Mug, (Pink), by Avani - CEO of A1e
A1e Mug, by Avani - CEO of A1e
You're beautiful hoodie, by Anya - CEO of Preppy Peeps
Limited Edition Summer Sunset Tote, by Myra - CEO of Crafty Corner
Couch Potato, a shirt by Krya - CEO of Sparkle Pop
Couch Potato, by Kyra - CEO of Sparkle Pop
Save the earth! by Kayla - CEO of The Kolorful Kanvas
The Big Three Mug, by Corwin - CEO of Corwin's Catastic Catalog!
Sweatshirt with a picture of butter flying with wings, with a caption that says "I guess butter does fly"
Funny Butter Hoodie, by Trey - CEO of Dotty's Designs
Ghost Cat, by Isla - CEO of Book Nook
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Build a Website

When you sign up for Mighty, you create your own brand. With our simple website builder, you get to showcase your products on a customized website that features your business name and logo. The coolest part? Share your website with your family and friends using your own URL!

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Start Selling

When a customer orders through your website, Mighty swoops in to handle the details. We’ll print and ship your products to your customer, so no need to worry about journeying to the post office. Market your business with our built-in email campaign tool and once the product is sold, you’ll see money in your account.

Smartphone showing a sale for $5.05
Notification showing that the seller made their first sale.
A social media post showing a product listing for a coffee mug with a shooting start with a rainbow tail.

Learn from Mighty Coaches

The Mighty team is here to help you succeed. Through our video tutorials and weekly newsletters full of quick tips, we make launching a business that much easier. Still have questions? Chat with us anytime.

Thumbnail of video titled "What is merchandising?"
Thumbnail of a video titled, "What is your brand?"
Thumbnail of a video titled, "Mighty Weekly Picks - Top 10"
Thumbnail of a video titled "Hey CEOs! What do you think of our new website designs?"
A social media post with the text, "Challenge: Design a big sticker" and a collage of images.
Social media post from George on the Mighty Coaching Team reading, "Hello! I'm one of the software developers on the Mighty team! Feel free to ask me any questions about programming and what I do specifically for the Mighty site!"
Social media post from Liana with a thumbnail of a video she posted, with text reading "Hi Mighty Community! I just joined the team this week, check out my video to learn more about what I will be doing at Mighty!"
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Join the CEO Squad

You’ll be part of a community with thousands of other kids running businesses just like you -- learn from them! Through our daily monitored feed, CEOs post feedback and creative inspiration to help members grow their businesses. Your squad is a click away.

Social media post from Anastasia about creating flyers/ads for your business.
Social media post from Jordyn with a poll, asking "What should I make on my store?" Results: 75: Funny Products, 15% Cute Products, 0% Weird Products, 10% All of the above.
A social media post from Paras, reading "Help. @ehi You have 10+ sales, do you ahve any tips? (I'm open for tips with others too)

Khi responded, "
1. Mighty has given us the opportunity to do email marketing
2. Contact friends or family. Ask them to share with their family and friends.
3. Wear your brand everywhere you go. I traveled and the air hostess asked about my shirt."
Social media post from Cassidy reading, "Excited to announce my podcast! Hey guys! I hope you all are having a great day... anyway what I wanted to say was thanks for 400 plays of my podcast! If you haven't listened to it yet it's called Calling all Bookworms and you can find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! If you have listened to it then thank you so much!"
Social media post from Suraj reading, "I know a lot of people ask about advice for sales, here's a tip.
A way to promote your business, is purchasing a shirt from your website. Design the shirt, so that it says the business name. Next, wear it in public, and people will ask about it. You can tell them and you just got a new customer."
Social media post from Imogen asking, "What's our favorite drawing tool?"
Juliette answered "Markers" and Emily answered "Colored Pencils."
Social media post from Eileen with a painting of a sunset she did with a caption, "Water Color Sunset Painting! Inspired by the post @lilly made! Thanks lilly for the idea!"
Social media post from Sedao asking, "How do you guys promote your business to get sales"

Henry responded, "I would share it on social media or share it to your friends, telling them to share it with other people and so on."
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With your membership you can:

  • Design an unlimited number of products
  • Build a custom website
  • Learn from the Mighty Coaching Team
  • Earn money by selling your products
  • Join a community of other young CEOs

You can start designing your brand, website, and products for free. You'll need to pay to to be able to publish your website and start selling your products.

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