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Mighty Academy empowers kids to create and run their own businesses. As a Mighty CEO, each kid will master the tools of business and harness the power of social impact. It's the modern day lemonade stand, but this time the products for sale are good for the world.

The success of our Mighty CEOs is extremely important to us. So, we've gathered a dedicated team of investors to hit the ground running. We've partnered with great companies including Sesame Street, Collaborative Fund, and the founders behind Indiegogo and Flickr. All that's left to do is launch your business.

Our Origin

Hey, my name is Ben Goldhirsh. I'm the CEO of Mighty Business. I started this platform for my two daughters. They were hungry to learn about business, and to discover how to make money while driving progress.

My background is in social entrepreneurship and for the majority of my career, I was the CEO of a social impact media business, called Good Worldwide, which operates Good Magazine and Upworthy. I also taught social entrepreneurship at the USC Marshall School of Business.

I learned the power of entrepreneurship as a child and I grew up around creative individuals who were utilizing business to solve problems. I was taught the value of effort was worth more than any success or failure, and that anyone could be a great entrepreneur if they were willing to invest that effort. These are amoung the lessons that I want to pass down to my children, and I am proud that Mighty can further share these lessons with the world.


We built Mighty to be a fun, safe and empowering environment. We've worked to foster independence by making Mighty simple and easy to use for your children. With some participation from you, their parent, we can ensure their safety and set them up for success.

We comply with The Children's Online Privacy Protection Agreement (COPPA), upheld by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). COPPA imposes certain requirements on operators of websites or online services directed to children under 13 years of age, to ensure their safety. To read more of our COPPA Privacy Policy, click here. To read COPPA's Direct Notice to Parents, click here.

If your child is 13 or under, your first task as parent, is signing the User Agreement and COPPA Consent Form, to authorize your child to use Mighty before signing them up.

Beyond this, your child will benefit from your help in networking with friends, family and other trusted peers, to sell their products. Hopefully, once you see their great work, you'll be excited to help them share their business with your community.