We’re on a mission to empower kids through entrepreneurship. Mighty is a revolutionary entrepreneurship program for children 8 years and older. It's revolutionary because it is real.
We’re on a mission to empower kids through entrepreneurship.
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What is Mighty?

Mighty helps kids learn about entrepreneurship, build businesses and be a Boss! Our young CEOs learn to use tools to create a brand, market their business to family and friends and access a community of other CEOs to share this experience with. We’re so excited to have you and your child be part of the Mighty family!

What is our Mission?

To help kids realize their power and fulfill their potential through entrepreneurship, by fostering a culture of learning and a community driven by the ideals of business as a force for good.

Respect & Privacy

We will always treat all our CEOs with respect and will never share any of your personal information outside the Mighty universe. Our platform is fully encrypted for your protection. We don’t sell our data for profiteering. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Equality & Diversity

All kids and parents are equally welcome at Mighty. We use inclusive, gender neutral language in all our communication. We’re always in pursuit of including diverse perspectives, whether it’s within the Mighty team or the adult CEOs we invite as guest speakers to talk to our young CEOs. We believe there’s no one path to success and are here to support each kid on their own journey.


We’re transparent with our policies, communication and pricing. We will always tell you upfront the cost of a product and our share, so you can make an informed decision about what products to choose. We only make money when our CEOs make money.


We have an exhaustive vetting process for our vendors to ensure our young CEOs have the confidence to sell their products and can guarantee a good e-commerce experience to their customers.


We are on the side of over communication at Mighty! From monthly newsletters, to access to our coaching team - you’ll always know what’s up!

Have a question?

Curious how your child can be part of this incredible community? Fill up the form below to talk to someone at Mighty!

How Does Mighty Work?


Choose The Products You Want For Your Business

Select products from our catalog of global artists and unique brands that share our values to sell on your online store. It's free to start your business and products ship directly from the brands to your customers.


Design Your Online Store

Customize your online store to reflect your unique style. Create an eye-catchy logo, pick a color palette and tons more customizations to offer your customers a one-of-a-kind experience!


Market to Your Community

Invite family and friends to check out your store and make your first sale! Our email tools make it a breeze to tell folks about all the cool, interesting products in your store.


Make A Profit

Use your profits to spend on a treat for yourself, save for something bigger, or donate to the cause of your choice! We've simplified cashing out through PayPal. Remember, Mighty only makes money when our CEOs do - we charge 10% of sales.


Keep Learning and Growing

Go on missions, level up, and get badges that make building your business your favorite new game. Discover what aspects of business you're most passionate about and Mighty will help you up-level!

Kids Love Mighty

I love sharing all the beautiful goods and supporting the artisans around the world. It makes feel feel good to help people and I love earning money to put in my savings.

Parents Love Mighty

"The team at Mighty makes it so easy for my daughter to create and customize her site, and it’s teaching her business acumen and strategy while she’s having fun."

Parent FAQs

How can I get my child started on Mighty?

Getting your child set up on Mighty will only take a few minutes and is free of cost. Click here to get started!

What age group is Mighty best for?

We have a wide range of age groups using Mighty. We have seen kids 7+ able to navigate the platform with some parental support.

How does Mighty keep my child safe?

User safety is paramount for our team and we have put tons of checks and balances to ensure that your child feels positively about all their Mighty interactions. From vetting our vendors, to training our team to work with young CEOs to ensuring you’re copied on all communication - we are working to build a safe ecosystem for the young ones.

How can I support my child’s success on Mighty?

Parents are instrumental to our CEOs journey with Mighty and beyond. We are fostering a robust parent community by providing resources to help you support your child on their path to success. From monthly newsletters, to blog posts to educational tips - we have your back!

How can I learn more about Mighty?

We’re excited to welcome you to the growing Mighty parent community! Still have questions, get in touch!

Join The Movement

Be part of the Mighty community and help us supercharge the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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