This saves lives

Helping kids realize their power and fulfill their potential by fighting malnutrition.

This Saves Lives Is Now On Mighty!

We believe every child is mighty and our mission is to empower kids to see themselves that way. At ‘This Saves Lives’, they know that empowering kids starts early with ending childhood malnutrition. Every single purchase of their delicious snack bar, sends life-saving food to a child in need. When you make that purchase from a Mighty CEO, you get the additional reward of supporting a young entrepreneur!

Mighty is a revolutionary entrepreneurship program for children 8 years and older. It's revolutionary because it is real. Welcome to the 21st Century lemonade stand!

How 'This Saves Lives' works?

Co-founders Kristen Bell, Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnell, and Ravi Patel launched This Saves Lives with a simple motto, "Buy a bar. Feed a child. We eat together." Through a unique giving model, This Saves Lives has been able to increase their impact on severe acute malnutrition while revolutionizing the way private companies drive change in the world. The company has sold enough to donate nearly 23 million life-saving packets of food for children in need, and this is just the beginning.

Products are available in retail stores nationwide, including Starbucks, HEB, Central Market, Fresh Market, Target, select Whole Foods, and, just to name a few!


Get Your Kid Started On Mighty

You can kickstart your child's business in under 20mins with Mighty! Our Mighty CEOs get to create their online stores, start a small business, go on missions with other CEOs, earn badges and join the world's smartest community of young CEOs. Building their business will become their favorite new game!


Add This Saves Lives To Your Child's Store

We're super excited to bring This Saves Lives' snacks to Mighty CEOs. Help your child add This Saves Lives bars to their online store at the product selection step. They can choose up to 8 products across categories such as face masks, stationery, jewelry and tons more!


Help Save A Life

Encourage your child to introduce their business to family and friends through the email feature in their Mighty account, text messages or social. Amplify their store to your social circles. Remember, you're supporting an up and coming boss and also providing life saving nutrition to a kid in need for every This Saves Lives purchase. We can't think of a better deal!